Why the title ‘The Bad Touch’

Purists have often questioned or vent their discontent for the use of the title ‘The Bad Touch’ instead of the correct version of ‘Safe / Unsafe / Confusing Touch’. Let’s get this right: First, when I started writing the book the technical guidelines about Child Sex Abuse still mentioned these concepts as ‘Bad Touch. Good Touch’.                                                                                                   Second, this is a book – a piece of literature. Hence the title The Bad Touch seems more appropriate for its lateral connotation than Safe /Unsafe Touch which sound more clinical. However, in the documented practical guidelines used in the book we have referred  to it as Safe /Unsafe and Confusing touch.         And third, the book and its content has been ratified by Dr Lois Engelbrecht – Founder of the Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse in the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam as well as the team at the NGO Arpan.

So for the sake of argument, yes it might seem incorrect to use The Bad Touch technically. But in the end this is a book and not an official white paper on CSA.  And it deserves a title most suitable which encompasses the essence of the story creatively  rather than adhere strictly to white and black.

However I am game for further debate and discussion on this topic :) One can mail us their suggestions  to authorpayal@gmail.com.


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