The Unpregnant Mother- 1

Usually women have 9 months to prepare for Motherhood. But I barely had 9 days. Imagine being a Mom, overnight without ever being pregnant :

7th May 2012. Ankita, My sister in law in Jaipur was expecting twins. She had contracted jaundice despite the best care and  precautions and thus was being admitted in the hospital. That was the last I spoke with her.

9th May 2012 – We got a call that they had to operate on her to save the twins and all three were critical. We rushed to Jaipur.

10th May 2012 – The twins were ok, but the Mother wasn’t.

11th May 2012 – Her condition deteriorated. She was on the ventilator.

12th – 14th May 2012- We prayed and desperately tried to get her back. It was not possible, I thought to myself, that something unthinkable would happen to  her. She was younger to me. Fit and fine 5 days ago. How could she be on the verge of dying? She had a little son and now twins to take care of.

15th May 2012 – The Doctors had given up hope. I went in the ICU to pray next to her believing in a miracle. At first I could not recognise her – her face was swollen and yellow. Only her heart seemed to be showing signs of life.  We  were losing her. The family members came one by one to see her -probably for the last time.  Why did I still believe that she will wake up and smile?  But she did not – she  did  not survive and we lost her.

I can’t even say we were shocked. I don’t have other words to explain. What I can say the next few days were like a blur – the funeral, a horde of relatives, the memorial and being strong is all I remember. And the twins? Well..our love story has just begun …. (read more)


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